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The Arrabal Quarter
Mojácar Pueblo
The Public Fountain
Mojácar Pueblo
Town Hall Square
Mojácar Pueblo
Santa María Parish Church
Mojácar Pueblo

Featured Restaurants

Mojácar Playa / Mediterranean
Bellagio Sport Bar
Mojácar Playa / Mediterranean
Ankara Beach Bar
Mojácar Playa / Mediterranean
Restaurante La Parata
Entorno / Mediterranean

Welcome to The Ultimate Restaurant Guide, Mojácar

A very warm welcome to the Ultimate’s annual Restaurant Guide of Mojácar – the first, comprehensive one of its kind. Ultimate has become well-known and respected in the area for its bi-monthly lifestyle magazine, which is now in its 11th year, and whilst we feature a dedicated section to restaurant advertising in the magazine, we recognised the need for a standalone publication totally dedicated to eateries in the area.

The Guide is intended to help both visitors and residents alike to quickly locate and select the restaurant/s that most closely meets their needs and wants. In our index and on each page, each restaurant is classified according to the main type of cuisine they offer, and are colour coded according to three categories: red for Mojácar pueblo/town, blue for the playa /beach or green for the entorno/surrounding area.

In order for you to more easily locate each restaurant, please refer to the tourist maps on pages 16-17, which are split into 4 areas (‘zonas’), with restaurants listed according to the area they fall into. We include a concise description of each restaurant, photos, a list of its main facilities as represented by 14 icons, and full contact details, including which social media sites you can find them on.

This Guide pays homage to quality cooking and service, and encourages you to visit these establishments, however please bear in mind that eating out is always a subjective experience and what one person likes, another person may not. Whilst the Ultimate team have dined at all the establishments in this Guide and found them to be of a high standard, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy or any issue you may have with the establishment itself.

Finally, we would like to thank the Mojácar Tourist Office (part of the Mojácar Town Hall ‘Ayuntamiento’) for their contribution to this Guide. They have provided information on the main historical places of interest in Mojácar pueblo, and their events that are scheduled to take place throughout the year. Of course, 2020 has been an exceptionally unusual year owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, therefore certain events may be cancelled due to health concerns or precautions. Please therefore check their website for the latest updates.

We hope you find this Guide useful and informative.

Your table is ready. Enjoy your meal in Mojácar!
The Ultimate Team

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